– Was the story really different?

YES and NO. Definitely not the best of the story and in fact many stories merged in one.

– What Imtiaz Ali​ tried to do?
A theatrical attempt to portray wonderful chemistry of love, attraction and lesson of ‘dare to follow your passion’. A (same old) story of a regular guy breaking the shackles of, well, being a ‘regular guy’ but this time due to the belief of a girl (this is new!).

– Acting?
Marvellous. Rest we all know. Deepika and Ranbir did a marvellous job as always.

AR Rahman. Pointless to say anything.

-What went right?
Wonderful locations. Great acting. That’s it! We understood what Imtiaz tried to do but failed from a margin. Still hats off to him as I personally liked it (for being different and better than PRDP at least 😛  )!

– What went wrong?
A cluster of too many events and the same old ‘follow your passion’ lesson. Irritating short flashbacks and confused ‘frustrated Ranbir’ character (even Ranbir’s good acting couldn’t hide it).

Overall a good watch for a generation who can help PRDP cross Rs400 crore mark (Sorry Bhai ke fans) and have the guts to say  “I like Honey Chingg, Ranvir Chingg etc etc”.



How to import all the files from a directory using Python





STEP 1 : Execute the following command in the folder from which you need to import files from:

$ touch __init__.py

Or simply create a blank file __init__.py in the folder.

STEP2 : Prepare your __init__.py. The idea is to enable __init__ to know about all the files of your directory.

Paste the following code in __init__.py

import os
modules = []
file_list = os.listdir(os.path.dirname(__file__))
for files in file_list:
    mod_name, file_ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.split(files)[-1])
    if file_ext.lower() == ‘.py’:
        if mod_name != ‘__init__’:

__all__ = modules

STEP 3:  Import in the desired file present on some other location

Include the following code on top your file:

import os
dir_name = ‘foo.bar’
file_list = os.listdir(dir_name)
for files in file_list:
    mod_name, file_ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.split(files)[-1])
    if file_ext.lower() == ‘.py’ and  mod_name != ‘__init__’:
        exec “from {0} import {1}”.format(dir_name + files.split(“.”)[0], files.split(“.”)[0])

Easy to make DIY 3D Hologram using Smartphone or Tablet | 3D Pyramid Hologram

Everyone loves Iron Man! And admit it, we all want Tony’s super cool lab, gadgets and of course Jarvis in our lives.

Sadly, most of us are not a billionaire like him and so cannot afford to own such things. But we can at least simulate (a bit) the super cool 3D holograms he used to design Iron Man suit etc.


Even in the cult classic Star Wars we have seen R2D2 projecting secret message in the form of a hologram, weird aliens attending meeting “virtually” etc etc.

How about creating one for yourself?
Here’s what you need :

  1. Old DVD case
  2. A paper cutter
  3. Graph paper or just plain paper
  4. Pencil and a ruler


Steps to make your cool 3D hologram:

  1. Cut out a trapezium from a paper of the following dimensions:
  2. Place this shape on the CD case and cut out four such trapeziums. I suggest using a sharp cutting tool or knife. Use paper cutter for marking the outline. Be careful and do not break the plastic.
  3. Arrange these four plastic trapeziums into a pyramid and stick them together using adhesive tape or super glue.
  4. Voila! Your very own 3D hologram projecting pyramid is ready!

Now all you need to do is carefully place it over a smart phone’s or tablet’s screen while playing this video. You can try other videos too available online but this one is my personal favourite.

Check out my first 3D hologram pyramid too :


Trust your time

We often think that we wasted so much time trying to achieve something and failing. In my opinion TIME never gets wasted. Even the so called “wasted” time teaches us a lot.
I say let’s change this conception. I always use the word “invested” instead of “wasted”. It’s a strong improvement in one’s life if you follow my advice.

For example some people like me invest so much time in watching movies or listening and exploring good music and songs. Some people say that I waste so much time but for me movies and songs teach me lessons of life.

A lot of things happen unexpectedly in our lives and we feel that we never imagined anything like this could have ever happened. I have a strong feeling that these things are the end product of the time you invested thinking, what you desperately want, your passions and even simple things like using Facebook.

Keep investing!! 🙂 🙂

A brief travelogue : Pune – Mumbai – Goa

Trip to Goa at least once in a lifetime is everyone’s desire but when 4 old friends decide to get going; well it’s awesome! Believe me planning the trip in a local café with maps, smart phones and laptop was an amazing feeling in itself. Those were college days and it was our first trip entirely planned by ourselves.


PuneIt was chilly month of January where I boarded a Volvo to Pune from Indore. In Pune we were supposed to assemble and start our journey. I reached there one day in advance to spend some good time with my cousin. Next day in the morning we had tea from famous President Café which was nothing but an ordinary tea shop filled with tourists. It really was good seeing tourists enjoying “cutting” tea. There I had “dabeli” and tea. After that we went to see Singhad fort on bikes. It was an awesome view from the top there. One can easily see clouds at eye level along with scenic beauty. After my cousin bid adieu to me, I met my other friends there and we prepared ourselves to get going.




We boarded an early morning Volvo from Pune to Mumbai which was a very awesome and comfortable journey. On our way we saw Lonavala and Khandala. It was the first time I was visiting Mumbai so I was very excited. Most people would like to see the night life and other materialistic beauty but all I wanted was to face the endless sea while showing my back to the busy and hectic life of a metro city like Mumbai. First thing we saw there was the rawness of Mumbai. There’s something amazingly classy in the air of this city. First local train ride and feeling the pace of Mumbai was an experience of a lifetime for us. We went on for the entire tour of the city. We saw movie in dome shaped theatre at Nehru Planetarium and other wonderful things. The most fascinating place for me was Marine Drive and Nariman point. I was so amazed by that place that I forced my friends to come again at 11 in the night. Now I’ve been there 4-5 times but still it’s the place I could never get bored from where seeing the mighty sun disappearing into the sea spreads calmness which I can feel deep down up to my soul. We saw the Hanging Garden, Juhu beach, Gateway of India and few temples too. After that as planned after the city we went to peaceful Alibag.



???????????????????????????????Alibag is a peaceful town near Mumbai, full of natural beauty and to reach there the best way is to go by a ferry. The ride of a ferry into the seemingly endless sea is a good experience in its own way. You get to see lot of seagulls flying by the ferry. We had some biscuits which we fed to them and they catch them neatly with their beaks. The sea seems to be filled by a lot of boats, mostly fishing or cargo boats. The beaches of Alibag are pretty enjoyable. It’s good for water sports and spending some peaceful time.





Goa is one of the most amazingly quite place this time (in January). It can be divided into two parts: South Goa, which is mostly peaceful and North Goa, which is kind of commercialized and crowded. We chose South Goa as we wanted some peaceful time. Booking a resort by the beach was a wonderful decision because we could go to the nearby beach every morning and play volleyball. We went to CASA ARAUJO ALVARES which was a house of a famous lawyer but now a museum depicting culture of Goa and the Alvares family. This same house also came to be known as “Singham House” after it was used in hit bollywood movie Singham.

Other fascinating places besides beaches in Goa are its churches. The Old Goa Church is a world heritage monument. There you’ll find a mummy of a priest (St. Xavier) preserved for more than 400 years in a coffin. Few years back this body was as good as it was literally living because it’s said that it was functioning as if it was a normal body. For instance nails and hairs of the mummy used to grow regularly. Culture and lifestyle of Goa is on the higher sides. A ride on the cruise ship is a must whenever one visits Goa. Parties there are irresistible.20120117_181414 (9)

Let me describe you beaches of Goa finally. Polelum beach of Goa is by far the best beach in my opinion. I won’t give it a second thought because it’s peaceful, organic and clean. Calangute is termed as the queen of beaches in Goa and is best for Water sports and late night, beach side, candle night, romantic dinner. Baga beach is also known for water sports which includes parasailing, steamer ride, jet ski ride, banana flip etc. Goa is known for it’s Karaoke nights along with discotheques. Every kind of music from Classical Goa music to bollywood and from Rock to Trance can be found in the air of Goa. We left none of them and enjoyed every bit of it. Fort Aguada and its lighthouse (the oldest light house of Asia) is worth watching and interestingly there is a famous jail in the lower portion of this fort. The entire location can be recalled from famous movie “Qayamat” which was shot here. Chapora fort (one can recall from the movie “Dil Chahta Hai”) is another main attraction near Vagator beach. We chose this as our last spot to visit and it was totally worth it. It’s the best place ever to watch the sunset for me. Well there are a lot of things to tell about Goa which would take an entire book to write. I tried to let you people visit Goa virtually, through my eyes. Most of us I believe have been there at least once. For those of you who haven’t, I would say: “You must!”. Ciao!


More snaps




Few minutes of a morning of my life.

Today my cab driver came early morning at 7. I wasn’t even awake properly because I slept at 4. I wonder how many people in the world can do this continuosly for years! I have done it! I reached office 7.30 and there was hardly a soul in that fancy, air conditioned castle of glass. It was quite. I like it. It’s the same as I felt last night when I left office. Since I ate just a sandwich last night at 10 and didn’t ate anything the entire day, I was feeling hungry. I went up, to the cafeteria. Ofcourse it’s bigger than my petty college canteen, where hardly anything was available. It’s even bigger than the entire block of my college, where I used to have so much fun with my friends, and you can get from tasty maggi to exotic coffee at CCD, just name it. But as always when I stepped out of the elevator door, I stood there for 10 seconds thinking about where to go as eating alone even at fancy CCD could be very troublesome at this age. I didn’t ate anything. I didn’t felt like. I sat at the largest window from where I could see the road full of early morning traffic and at eye level mighty skyscrapers and clear blue sky.

Suddenly something strange happened! My phone rang! Yes it was strange because it’s been 3 days since it last ranged. I felt good. Finally someone to talk to! An international number. Maybe my friend is calling, It’s evening there he might be free now.
“Hello Abhay?” 
“Hi! This is Peggy. Please rush to your workstation. There is some urgent issue.” 
“Yes Peggy, will be right there in 2 minutes”

I rushed to the bay. Now there were few people there, already doing there work. It was still quite. Just sounds of clicks and the default conversation tones of whatsapp, coming from a distance. But it was still quite. Soon, in an hour or so, it will be all noisy. People will discuss the solutions and how there testing will be done. Team members from US will try to explain the requirements and proposed solutions. Lots of planning and discussions over loudspeakers. It doesn’t bother much but I sometimes find it very funny.
I’ve heard they make nice coffee at CCD here. I never went there. Maybe someday I’ll go.



Journey by trains are a life in themselves where we meet so many types of people and when journeys are long people tend to talk to fellow passengers. Today I am going to tell a true story about a usual Romeo, Tanmay Pandey and his Juliet, Anjali. I tried to keep it as brief as possible. FEEL…

                                                                The usual romeo

In the train from Bangalore to Bhopal I made myself comfortable in my berth, train started moving when I first saw Tanmay running hard to catch the train. He boarded the train and his seat was right next to me. He threw his bag at the seat and sat down holding his red face in his hand and started crying like a child. I stopped reading my book and started reading him. There was a sudden dramatic silence in the train as if time stopped for a moment. It was 11 in the night, nobody said anything and went to sleep.

In the morning I broke the ice and asked about his well being and as most people do he also started sharing his story with me.  Tanmay was a recent pass out from college, basically from Kanpur and was working with SBI. From looks, talks and behavior he was  a typical Kanpur guy, cool T-shirt, his eyes glancing through his aviators, a complete show off. As we were chit-chatting his phone rang loudly. He started talking and suddenly he was literally begging to the person at phone: “Talk to me for 5 minutes only please….please don’t do this… but…. no….. listen…”. Tears came out his eyes to his cheek, his head fell and rose again in anger. “Listen you prick, that anklet was for you. Throw it if you don’t want it. It’s been so long listening to your bullshit. I left my job for you, left my city for you. Fought with my parents for you. Now I will stay here (Bangalore) forever but will never see your face again. Check my PNR if you want. I’ve cancelled my ticket of day after tomorrow”.

He turned to me and started talking.

Tanmay: “3 years Abhay bro, it’s been 3 f***ing years! These girls are just not to be trusted.”

Me: ” All girls are not same, there are some good ones too dude! Now, you are lying to her too.”

Tanmay: “I need to make her feel something for me. That’s why I lied. I used to think that way too but alas what you say is just bullshit. We were together in college and after college I got a government job and she came to Bangalore for higher studies. New city , new friends and so she forgot me. Suddenly all the love disappeared. It’s like these girls always need someone and since we are no longer in the same city she doesn’t love me anymore. I came here to make everything right. She started her own drama that she will commit suicide and all.”

Me: “Ohhh! Girls are that way. They are always confused as hell. What they want today they will not want tomorrow. And after a relationship ends they become very vulnerable and then are attracted to any kind of idiot they find. Not just girls, it’s the same for boys too. I’ve found so many guys restless even for years for the one who loved them once.”

Tanmay: “Yes! May be you are right. I also put her to a test. I bought 4 paracetamol tablets and lied to her that this is poison. I bought two soda in a local bar and said “Let’s die together”. She said, “yes, let’s do it”. I put one tablet in my drink and she started screaming and shouting “Please, don’t do this. Stop this nonsense”. These girls I tell you brother , they brag around a lot but are good for nothing. When the time comes they just become so selfish and annoying. Then she became cool and next day she started her drama again.”

Me: “why?”

Tanmay: “Her mother dude! I don’t know yaar, I am a Brahman by cast and they write “Singh” as their surname. There isn’t much difference as far as casts are concerned. She just want to screw Anjali’s and my life(He didn’t told me the real reason). Even worse, Anjali has decided to forget me. I have so many questions, is there nothing called Love , feelings and trust? Is having fun with a guy but settling down with another rich guy is all these girls want? Why they lose emotions so quickly? and why do we guys cannot take out our girl from our mind?”

Suddenly I was lost in my own world. A flashback of my own thoughts happened. It’s been so long but all I’ve heard and observed that girls and guys are doing such things all the time. Are they really troubled, confused and vulnerable or is this the basic nature of today’s youth? Is the phrase “Love is a European concept and it belongs to Europe only” true?

Tanmay: “I tried everything and this is all I could’ve done. Now it’s the will of god. If she is meant to be mine, she will come to me again. But  I swear to god dude! I won’t take her name again. I will forget her.”

Then it was night, I was to leave the train soon as my destiny was next station. I  packed my things and watched his face. He was sleeping quietly. I decided not to awake the “Broken Romeo”.  As I turned a voice came from back, it was Tanmay.

Tanmay: “Are you going my friend?”

Me: “Yes! Bhopal is about to come.”

Tanmay: “Bye bye brother. It was nice talking to you. I swear to god, I will forget her.”

I looked him into his eyes and said with a smile “Trust me brother, You can’t “, and came out of the train.

I turned back and saw him peeking through the window towards me. I waved to him and said “goodbye”. He said back nothing but continued staring at me. His eyes were speaking for him now. He wanted to talk some more to me. There were thousand questions in his eyes which I left unanswered. I know he will figure out something in his life and the same is expected from Anjali too. But why it becomes a necessity to fall in love and get hurt for some, I would never understand. Some say that “only those persons who were hurt by someone can truly hurt someone”.  I just wish the usual Romeo didn’t hurt himself in his quest for true love.