– Was the story really different?

YES and NO. Definitely not the best of the story and in fact many stories merged in one.

– What Imtiaz Ali​ tried to do?
A theatrical attempt to portray wonderful chemistry of love, attraction and lesson of ‘dare to follow your passion’. A (same old) story of a regular guy breaking the shackles of, well, being a ‘regular guy’ but this time due to the belief of a girl (this is new!).

– Acting?
Marvellous. Rest we all know. Deepika and Ranbir did a marvellous job as always.

AR Rahman. Pointless to say anything.

-What went right?
Wonderful locations. Great acting. That’s it! We understood what Imtiaz tried to do but failed from a margin. Still hats off to him as I personally liked it (for being different and better than PRDP at least 😛  )!

– What went wrong?
A cluster of too many events and the same old ‘follow your passion’ lesson. Irritating short flashbacks and confused ‘frustrated Ranbir’ character (even Ranbir’s good acting couldn’t hide it).

Overall a good watch for a generation who can help PRDP cross Rs400 crore mark (Sorry Bhai ke fans) and have the guts to say  “I like Honey Chingg, Ranvir Chingg etc etc”.


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