Easy to make DIY 3D Hologram using Smartphone or Tablet | 3D Pyramid Hologram

Everyone loves Iron Man! And admit it, we all want Tony’s super cool lab, gadgets and of course Jarvis in our lives.

Sadly, most of us are not a billionaire like him and so cannot afford to own such things. But we can at least simulate (a bit) the super cool 3D holograms he used to design Iron Man suit etc.


Even in the cult classic Star Wars we have seen R2D2 projecting secret message in the form of a hologram, weird aliens attending meeting “virtually” etc etc.

How about creating one for yourself?
Here’s what you need :

  1. Old DVD case
  2. A paper cutter
  3. Graph paper or just plain paper
  4. Pencil and a ruler


Steps to make your cool 3D hologram:

  1. Cut out a trapezium from a paper of the following dimensions:
  2. Place this shape on the CD case and cut out four such trapeziums. I suggest using a sharp cutting tool or knife. Use paper cutter for marking the outline. Be careful and do not break the plastic.
  3. Arrange these four plastic trapeziums into a pyramid and stick them together using adhesive tape or super glue.
  4. Voila! Your very own 3D hologram projecting pyramid is ready!

Now all you need to do is carefully place it over a smart phone’s or tablet’s screen while playing this video. You can try other videos too available online but this one is my personal favourite.

Check out my first 3D hologram pyramid too :


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