Trust your time

We often think that we wasted so much time trying to achieve something and failing. In my opinion TIME never gets wasted. Even the so called “wasted” time teaches us a lot.
I say let’s change this conception. I always use the word “invested” instead of “wasted”. It’s a strong improvement in one’s life if you follow my advice.

For example some people like me invest so much time in watching movies or listening and exploring good music and songs. Some people say that I waste so much time but for me movies and songs teach me lessons of life.

A lot of things happen unexpectedly in our lives and we feel that we never imagined anything like this could have ever happened. I have a strong feeling that these things are the end product of the time you invested thinking, what you desperately want, your passions and even simple things like using Facebook.

Keep investing!! 🙂 🙂

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