A brief travelogue : Pune – Mumbai – Goa

Trip to Goa at least once in a lifetime is everyone’s desire but when 4 old friends decide to get going; well it’s awesome! Believe me planning the trip in a local café with maps, smart phones and laptop was an amazing feeling in itself. Those were college days and it was our first trip entirely planned by ourselves.


PuneIt was chilly month of January where I boarded a Volvo to Pune from Indore. In Pune we were supposed to assemble and start our journey. I reached there one day in advance to spend some good time with my cousin. Next day in the morning we had tea from famous President Café which was nothing but an ordinary tea shop filled with tourists. It really was good seeing tourists enjoying “cutting” tea. There I had “dabeli” and tea. After that we went to see Singhad fort on bikes. It was an awesome view from the top there. One can easily see clouds at eye level along with scenic beauty. After my cousin bid adieu to me, I met my other friends there and we prepared ourselves to get going.




We boarded an early morning Volvo from Pune to Mumbai which was a very awesome and comfortable journey. On our way we saw Lonavala and Khandala. It was the first time I was visiting Mumbai so I was very excited. Most people would like to see the night life and other materialistic beauty but all I wanted was to face the endless sea while showing my back to the busy and hectic life of a metro city like Mumbai. First thing we saw there was the rawness of Mumbai. There’s something amazingly classy in the air of this city. First local train ride and feeling the pace of Mumbai was an experience of a lifetime for us. We went on for the entire tour of the city. We saw movie in dome shaped theatre at Nehru Planetarium and other wonderful things. The most fascinating place for me was Marine Drive and Nariman point. I was so amazed by that place that I forced my friends to come again at 11 in the night. Now I’ve been there 4-5 times but still it’s the place I could never get bored from where seeing the mighty sun disappearing into the sea spreads calmness which I can feel deep down up to my soul. We saw the Hanging Garden, Juhu beach, Gateway of India and few temples too. After that as planned after the city we went to peaceful Alibag.



???????????????????????????????Alibag is a peaceful town near Mumbai, full of natural beauty and to reach there the best way is to go by a ferry. The ride of a ferry into the seemingly endless sea is a good experience in its own way. You get to see lot of seagulls flying by the ferry. We had some biscuits which we fed to them and they catch them neatly with their beaks. The sea seems to be filled by a lot of boats, mostly fishing or cargo boats. The beaches of Alibag are pretty enjoyable. It’s good for water sports and spending some peaceful time.





Goa is one of the most amazingly quite place this time (in January). It can be divided into two parts: South Goa, which is mostly peaceful and North Goa, which is kind of commercialized and crowded. We chose South Goa as we wanted some peaceful time. Booking a resort by the beach was a wonderful decision because we could go to the nearby beach every morning and play volleyball. We went to CASA ARAUJO ALVARES which was a house of a famous lawyer but now a museum depicting culture of Goa and the Alvares family. This same house also came to be known as “Singham House” after it was used in hit bollywood movie Singham.

Other fascinating places besides beaches in Goa are its churches. The Old Goa Church is a world heritage monument. There you’ll find a mummy of a priest (St. Xavier) preserved for more than 400 years in a coffin. Few years back this body was as good as it was literally living because it’s said that it was functioning as if it was a normal body. For instance nails and hairs of the mummy used to grow regularly. Culture and lifestyle of Goa is on the higher sides. A ride on the cruise ship is a must whenever one visits Goa. Parties there are irresistible.20120117_181414 (9)

Let me describe you beaches of Goa finally. Polelum beach of Goa is by far the best beach in my opinion. I won’t give it a second thought because it’s peaceful, organic and clean. Calangute is termed as the queen of beaches in Goa and is best for Water sports and late night, beach side, candle night, romantic dinner. Baga beach is also known for water sports which includes parasailing, steamer ride, jet ski ride, banana flip etc. Goa is known for it’s Karaoke nights along with discotheques. Every kind of music from Classical Goa music to bollywood and from Rock to Trance can be found in the air of Goa. We left none of them and enjoyed every bit of it. Fort Aguada and its lighthouse (the oldest light house of Asia) is worth watching and interestingly there is a famous jail in the lower portion of this fort. The entire location can be recalled from famous movie “Qayamat” which was shot here. Chapora fort (one can recall from the movie “Dil Chahta Hai”) is another main attraction near Vagator beach. We chose this as our last spot to visit and it was totally worth it. It’s the best place ever to watch the sunset for me. Well there are a lot of things to tell about Goa which would take an entire book to write. I tried to let you people visit Goa virtually, through my eyes. Most of us I believe have been there at least once. For those of you who haven’t, I would say: “You must!”. Ciao!


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