Few minutes of a morning of my life.

Today my cab driver came early morning at 7. I wasn’t even awake properly because I slept at 4. I wonder how many people in the world can do this continuosly for years! I have done it! I reached office 7.30 and there was hardly a soul in that fancy, air conditioned castle of glass. It was quite. I like it. It’s the same as I felt last night when I left office. Since I ate just a sandwich last night at 10 and didn’t ate anything the entire day, I was feeling hungry. I went up, to the cafeteria. Ofcourse it’s bigger than my petty college canteen, where hardly anything was available. It’s even bigger than the entire block of my college, where I used to have so much fun with my friends, and you can get from tasty maggi to exotic coffee at CCD, just name it. But as always when I stepped out of the elevator door, I stood there for 10 seconds thinking about where to go as eating alone even at fancy CCD could be very troublesome at this age. I didn’t ate anything. I didn’t felt like. I sat at the largest window from where I could see the road full of early morning traffic and at eye level mighty skyscrapers and clear blue sky.

Suddenly something strange happened! My phone rang! Yes it was strange because it’s been 3 days since it last ranged. I felt good. Finally someone to talk to! An international number. Maybe my friend is calling, It’s evening there he might be free now.
“Hello Abhay?”ย 
“Hi! This is Peggy. Please rush to your workstation. There is some urgent issue.”ย 
“Yes Peggy, will be right there in 2 minutes”

I rushed to the bay. Now there were few people there, already doing there work. It was still quite. Just sounds of clicks and the default conversation tones of whatsapp, coming from a distance. But it was still quite. Soon, in an hour or so, it will be all noisy. People will discuss the solutions and how there testing will be done. Team members from US will try to explain the requirements and proposed solutions. Lots of planning and discussions over loudspeakers. It doesn’t bother much but I sometimes find it very funny.
I’ve heard they make nice coffee at CCD here. I never went there. Maybe someday I’ll go.

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