Journey by trains are a life in themselves where we meet so many types of people and when journeys are long people tend to talk to fellow passengers. Today I am going to tell a true story about a usual Romeo, Tanmay Pandey and his Juliet, Anjali. I tried to keep it as brief as possible. FEEL…

                                                                The usual romeo

In the train from Bangalore to Bhopal I made myself comfortable in my berth, train started moving when I first saw Tanmay running hard to catch the train. He boarded the train and his seat was right next to me. He threw his bag at the seat and sat down holding his red face in his hand and started crying like a child. I stopped reading my book and started reading him. There was a sudden dramatic silence in the train as if time stopped for a moment. It was 11 in the night, nobody said anything and went to sleep.

In the morning I broke the ice and asked about his well being and as most people do he also started sharing his story with me.  Tanmay was a recent pass out from college, basically from Kanpur and was working with SBI. From looks, talks and behavior he was  a typical Kanpur guy, cool T-shirt, his eyes glancing through his aviators, a complete show off. As we were chit-chatting his phone rang loudly. He started talking and suddenly he was literally begging to the person at phone: “Talk to me for 5 minutes only please….please don’t do this… but…. no….. listen…”. Tears came out his eyes to his cheek, his head fell and rose again in anger. “Listen you prick, that anklet was for you. Throw it if you don’t want it. It’s been so long listening to your bullshit. I left my job for you, left my city for you. Fought with my parents for you. Now I will stay here (Bangalore) forever but will never see your face again. Check my PNR if you want. I’ve cancelled my ticket of day after tomorrow”.

He turned to me and started talking.

Tanmay: “3 years Abhay bro, it’s been 3 f***ing years! These girls are just not to be trusted.”

Me: ” All girls are not same, there are some good ones too dude! Now, you are lying to her too.”

Tanmay: “I need to make her feel something for me. That’s why I lied. I used to think that way too but alas what you say is just bullshit. We were together in college and after college I got a government job and she came to Bangalore for higher studies. New city , new friends and so she forgot me. Suddenly all the love disappeared. It’s like these girls always need someone and since we are no longer in the same city she doesn’t love me anymore. I came here to make everything right. She started her own drama that she will commit suicide and all.”

Me: “Ohhh! Girls are that way. They are always confused as hell. What they want today they will not want tomorrow. And after a relationship ends they become very vulnerable and then are attracted to any kind of idiot they find. Not just girls, it’s the same for boys too. I’ve found so many guys restless even for years for the one who loved them once.”

Tanmay: “Yes! May be you are right. I also put her to a test. I bought 4 paracetamol tablets and lied to her that this is poison. I bought two soda in a local bar and said “Let’s die together”. She said, “yes, let’s do it”. I put one tablet in my drink and she started screaming and shouting “Please, don’t do this. Stop this nonsense”. These girls I tell you brother , they brag around a lot but are good for nothing. When the time comes they just become so selfish and annoying. Then she became cool and next day she started her drama again.”

Me: “why?”

Tanmay: “Her mother dude! I don’t know yaar, I am a Brahman by cast and they write “Singh” as their surname. There isn’t much difference as far as casts are concerned. She just want to screw Anjali’s and my life(He didn’t told me the real reason). Even worse, Anjali has decided to forget me. I have so many questions, is there nothing called Love , feelings and trust? Is having fun with a guy but settling down with another rich guy is all these girls want? Why they lose emotions so quickly? and why do we guys cannot take out our girl from our mind?”

Suddenly I was lost in my own world. A flashback of my own thoughts happened. It’s been so long but all I’ve heard and observed that girls and guys are doing such things all the time. Are they really troubled, confused and vulnerable or is this the basic nature of today’s youth? Is the phrase “Love is a European concept and it belongs to Europe only” true?

Tanmay: “I tried everything and this is all I could’ve done. Now it’s the will of god. If she is meant to be mine, she will come to me again. But  I swear to god dude! I won’t take her name again. I will forget her.”

Then it was night, I was to leave the train soon as my destiny was next station. I  packed my things and watched his face. He was sleeping quietly. I decided not to awake the “Broken Romeo”.  As I turned a voice came from back, it was Tanmay.

Tanmay: “Are you going my friend?”

Me: “Yes! Bhopal is about to come.”

Tanmay: “Bye bye brother. It was nice talking to you. I swear to god, I will forget her.”

I looked him into his eyes and said with a smile “Trust me brother, You can’t “, and came out of the train.

I turned back and saw him peeking through the window towards me. I waved to him and said “goodbye”. He said back nothing but continued staring at me. His eyes were speaking for him now. He wanted to talk some more to me. There were thousand questions in his eyes which I left unanswered. I know he will figure out something in his life and the same is expected from Anjali too. But why it becomes a necessity to fall in love and get hurt for some, I would never understand. Some say that “only those persons who were hurt by someone can truly hurt someone”.  I just wish the usual Romeo didn’t hurt himself in his quest for true love.

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