Love and other colors.

‘LIFE’, a simple word which is often misunderstood by many. It’s a common observation that  king size life assembled with components such as love, care, passion, energy, fame etc etc is passe. These things are there,in some corner or the other but are highly unorganized and in the rush some or other things are always left.
I’ve lived in many towns and cities, big and small and have observed closely a lot of people of different types and thinking and I can say Love is the purest of all the colors of life. Now surely Love is a big word and believe me a very few can actually maintain the harmony of ‘Love and other colors’ of life. Love is difficult and sometimes painful but it’s pure and actually is an introduction to life.
There are two parts of your life : before love and after love. Before love you may be driven by the forces around you but after LOVE… it’s magical and you are filled with rational approaches towards life. That one person becomes everything and you can’t just stop thinking about her. In a gist you are filled with heck of a beautiful, mysterious energy. Crowd will no longer will be crowd, it becomes a peaceful place. Music and songs will be something  more for you, you’ll fall in love with everything. And above all, you’ll be sporting a beautiful smile . :)
It’s not like that it’s always pleasant. Sometimes it may hurt you too, mainly because you were not returned the same LOVE you offered to the only person you loved. You will get another feeling then, the feeling of SADNESS. But that feeling of sadness will be pure too and will teach you more than LOVE.
Most of us are so love deprived that we compromise a lot for it. This is not the right approach and leads to more problems. Being oneself is the most important requirement any day. If you can’t be original you can never expect original. LOVE can’t be described, it cannot be learnt from people, books or movies. It can only be felt.
Most of us strive for LOVE. It’s a COLOR we carefully make throughout our lives for our beloved one. We accumulate it for someone we are sure will love us back. Sometimes it’s not the case and then you get introduce to other sub-colors. Despite all this we never stop LOVING. Sometimes I think it is one of the two most inevitable things of our lives, the other being DEATH.
Being in touch with LOVE life of so many people I can firmly say that most of us may not end up with the one we loved truly but that’s the way it is. LOVE is a thing to do, not to expect anything out of it. Firmly holding her hand and seeing the true COLORS of life is the most amazing feeling to feel. Paint yourself in it. Dance throughout the rhythm of it, feel it from the bottom of your heart. Hug her, kiss her and be with her and believe me that’s the only right approach for LOVE.
LOVE received is much more awesome than the LOVE offered. There are people out there who care, giving them chance to make your life beautiful is never a bad idea.
GO FOR IT! SAY IT! Never hold back the feeling of LOVE! CHEERS! :) :)

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